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Almost everyone has at least one model car in their household, and they should. Cars are pieces of art and are meant to be displayed. Which is why we bought some of our own model cars to display in our homes. But these are special model cars. They're rice!

Upon your first glance at these cars, you may notice the extreme body kits, large rims, and flashy stickers on the vehicle exterior.

Because in the show car world, just that alone would not be enough, the company then added underbody neon lights. To activate them on these models, you press the roof down and the car 'locks' into position and the lights stay on. Upon pressing the front bumper, the car releases from the locked position and the lights go off.

If that was all these cars possessed, then we wouldn't have bothered to review them and put them on this website. These cars would be great models for owners of show cars to buy. But that isn't all these cars possess. According to the boxes, these cars have a complete engine overhaul! And we mean complete! V6 engine swaps, 3-stage nitrous kits, turbochargers, intercoolers. Wow! That's a lot of modifications. (By the way, aren't we great photographers).

But it doesn't end there either! With these engine overhauls, the cars possess loads of power. We're talking 400+hp @ 10000+rpm, 11000+rpm redlines, sub 9-second quarter mile times, and 1+ G's on the skidpad. Wait, wait, wait a second. 11000rpm redlines? These are 4- and 6-cyl engines, not motorcycles. Sub 9-second quarter miles? With 19" rims and low-profile tires? 1+ G's on the skidpad? We're pretty sure these were compact cars, not Ferrari's and Corvette's.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest load of bullshit we've ever encountered. Stephen Papadakis has a full tube-chassis drag Civic and squeaks by the 9-second mark with an 8.9x quarter mile. Angela Proudfoot's fiberglass Civic produces a 9.7x. Lisa Kubo's heavily modified Civic runs a 9.4x (complete with Altezza taillights, but that's a different story). It seems that for these three people to get faster times, all they need is a Wings West Agressor body kit, Eibach 3" lowering kit, and some 19" wheels.

Below are the 6 different cars in this series and the car's stats directly below their picture.

The other three cars.

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